Now this has the potential to be the start of something truly incredible. Imagine being able to incorporate a Pentium-class computer in almost anything. Intel has created a computer so small it can be incorporated into almost anything. The Quark. They were able to link it with a Mimo onesie and display your baby’s vitals (temperature, etc) as a representation on another connected device (e.g. a coffee mug). Now that they can do this, it should only be a relatively small step to get it to do other things for you, too.

  • Notify emergency contacts when vitals reach thresholds
  • Record vitals and activity
  • Start warming bottles

But baby technology is only the beginning.

Personal monitor for your elderly friends and family. Hats/glasses with a built-in lens couple send all images through to your smart phone. Expanding your own personal-area-network (PAN) Authentication, Authorisation and Accounting for your home, car, office Medical information Preferences for any adequately enabled technology

There are so many options this opens up, it’s mind boggling. That said, there are just as many concerns about it, too.

How much information is too much information? Where is this information stored? Who can access your information? How available is your information? Can you control the amount of information stored? It’ll be interesting to see exactly where this kind of technology leads to, but it’s going to be a rocky path before we reach a common group between availability, security and social acceptance.