Marc Marquez is the 2013 MotoGP World Champion.

Marc Marquez has just ridden himself to the pinnacle position of the 2013 MotoGP championship. Not only that, he’s also the first rookie to win the championship since Kenny Roberts back in the 70’s. AND he’s the youngest champion ever!

The race started out as one of the most exciting races of the season. With Jorge needing the win at all costs, he rode like a man possessed. He had a brilliant start from P2, Dani Pedrosa challenged him several times in the first 9 laps, but every time Dani took the lead, Jorge took it straight back again. There was a controversial overtaking maneuver performed by Jorge to retake the lead, that saw Dani slip back to 5th, which will be investigated by the stewards after the race.

Here is where Marc held the lead for a couple of laps, but Jorge was soon to claw his way back to the lead again. From here, Jorge was never really challenged again. Marc didn’t need to do anything more and certainly didn’t want to be accidentally taken out. Showing great maturity and a cool head, he was very happy to ride the race out safely. Discretion is the better part of valour.

Dani did manage to ride his way back past Valentino Rossi and Alvaro Bautista into 3rd position and was closing quickly on Marc. Dani caught Marc with less than 10 laps remaining and was shown the way through by Marc.

This is how the race finished, too. Jorge 1st. Dani 2nd. And Marc 3rd.

With these placings, Marc was able to clinch the championship from Jorge by 4 points.

The past race scenes were of absolute jubilation from both team and rider. Pit crew and team managers were opening weeping tears of joy. Marc acknowledged his fans in crowd by stopping and throwing his gloves into the crowd, as his team mascot held his bike ready for him ride it back to parc ferme. Up on the podium, all three riders celebrated and congratulated together. Afterwards, Marc danced a jig for all the eager fans huddled around the podium.

Huge congratulations to Marc Marquez on an incredible and historic win. Well done, young man. You’ve got a fantastic future ahead of you. I can’t wait to see how you go next season.