So, I’ve been thinking about the popular belief of the origin of the word “history”. The concatenation of his-story. While not technically correct, you could argue there is some connection there from the original Greek word.

Origin: Greek
histor: Learned, wise man.
historia: finding out, narrative, history
history: The study of past events, particularly human affairs

But, let’s not let’s not let the facts get in the way of a good story.

Perhaps a better word may be “ourstory”. Or maybe “thestory”.

But, we all know history is written by the winner. So these words don’t really apply, when much of the past has only been expressed through one, or very few, view point(s).

A more correct word maybe “astory”.

Going forward, with the advent of the internet, collaborative online sources of information (Wikipedia, etc), social media and blogs. A large portion of the people can now contribute to the narrative of human affairs.

So, I think a word like “omnistory” might be a good alternative.