The hiccup cure

We'd only been going out for a couple of months, when we were invited to one of my friends house parties. Kate was sitting on a couch on the sidelines, not feeling too comfortable - given she only knew a couple of people there. This was only exacerbated by her insistent hiccups.
There are a few ways to cure hiccups. Well, when I say "ways", I really mean "wives-tales". Drinking from the wrong side of the glass. Holding your breath. Or getting a big scare. I had my answer.
What's the best way I could scare my (then) girlfriend that would surely cure her hiccups.
I walked up in front her, not saying anything. Slowly dropped down to one knee and said the words:

"Will you marry me?"

Her face was priceless. Her mouth dropped, her eyes were wide open. She was dumbstruck. There was only one thing to say now:
"How are your hiccups?"

Hiccups cured. You're welcome.

She didn't like that back then. She still doesn't like it now.

And she definitely doesn't laugh at this anymore.

Paul Macdonnell

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